Many of my friends know that baking is not my strong point......

and the thought of making recipes best not be toy'd with

so I'm going to let the experts handle it!

If you need me I will be out in the garden where I belong, growing weird and wonderful produce for these guys to play with in the future.


Infusing Liquids

There are many liquids you can infuse Saffron into.

Add heat to help infuse the Saffron faster and increase flavour.




Made With Love From Yours Truly
The very first recipe I've ever made simple, easy and full of punch!!

Recipe by: Haley Heathwaite 



Apple & Saffron Pie


Created by: Haley Heathwaite

This one is sooo easy!!
1 Pot
1 Dish
If you like subtle flavours this will be right up your ally 

  Leanne's Lemon Muffins 


Delicious zesty lemon muffins with a hint of Saffron to balance out the sweet and zesty flavours.

Leanne uses Lactose free milk to help keep the dairy content down


Created by: Leanne Thoms

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