Lemon, Honey & Saffron Cordial

This is an easy no fuss recipe it’s good for you
No Preservatives & No Waste
2x whole lemons (frozen is better).
2x table spoons of honey 🍯 
700ml water
1x pinch of Saffron

Grate lemon rind off the lemon, cut the lemons into slices and add the slices to the pot of water. Bring to a lite boil and then start to simmer.

Add the honey to the pot and extra if the syrup is to tart. Also add the grated rind and crush the Saffron in your fingers and add.

Simmer on very low temp until you have a syrup consistency (1.30 hr).

Strain the pulp off and bottle syrup in a bottle or jar.

Blitz the pulp until smooth and bottle.

Use the syrup as a cordial for cool summer drinks or hot drinks for coughs and colds.

The smooth pulp can be used to make sweet zesty deserts sauces



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