Apple & Saffron Pie

 Before you get started you must know that I made this recipe whilst drinking Beer :) and winged it...... Because sometimes great things come from experiments not knowledge.



Saffron, 15 threads

Lemon rind, from one lemon

8 Apples

Cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon

Honey, 2 Tablespoons

Corn starch (if you wish)

Edmonds sweet short pastry, 2 sheets



Infuse your Saffron!!! Boil the jug, crush grind or pinch your saffron into smaller pieces and add to a 1/4 cup of boiling water.
Peel all 8 apples and cut into thin slices, (put the cores in the pig bin) Throw the slices into a medium to large pot. Add the Lemon rind, Cinnamon, Honey and 3/4 cup of hot water. Put a lid on and bring to the boil, then back to a simmer. This should take about 20mins depending how thick your slices are....... 
Once the apple has softened add your Saffron infusion and the corn starch if you want to thicken up the sauce. let if simmer for a further 3 mins or until desired consistency.
Take off the heat and let cool.
Whilst it is cooling take 2 sheets of the Edmonds sweet short pastry out of the freezer to defrost.
Use butter to grease a round 25cm baking dish.
Line the dish with 1 sweet pastry sheet. If you haven't added corn starch then now is the time to drain off excess liquid, add the cooled apple mixture. 
The second pastry sheet is the lid of the pie, you can make this as simple or as fancy as you like, Pinterest has many cool ideas. 
Fan Bake at 180 degrees for 45min. 
As always you know your oven best so check on it and act accordingly :)



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