About Ziggy

Ziggy Ardor is named after my late Grandfather, He was an outstanding man whom our family loved.

 I kind of fell into Horticulture...... 
I was working in a rural supply store and helping the Horticulture adviser. I really enjoyed learning about all of the different crops and their individual requirements. After a few short months I was offered the opportunity to become a Horticulture Technical adviser. Even though I had no experience, it became evident from my results and the joy I got from helping growers that this was the career path for me.

I longed to have a crop of my own one day, So I started my quest to find the perfect crop for me. I wanted something special and unique,I found it......




It was really close to Autumn and I couldn't find any corms for sale online, until I checked out trusty old trademe!!!!

I bought 10 corms off a hobby grower, they arrived in marginal condition..... bit of green mold on some, a few with cavities in them. I wasn't that stoked with the quality of them and they had started sprouting.

I planted them and crossed my fingers. Surprisingly they grew well and produced the cutest flowers ever! the vivid colours and contrast between the red, yellow and that striking purple.......  

The scent of the stigma was not expected, the tiny red threads had so much punch I couldn't believe it. Fresh cut sweet hay is the only way to describe the aroma. 

So it begun..... from then on I was hooked! I visited a New Zealand commercial grower and asked a billion and one questions then put in my order for the new season ahead.

It has been a real pleasure thus far and I am looking forward to expanding year on year to supply my lovely customers.


 Haley xx


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