Saffron Tāwari Honey 400ML

Saffron Tāwari Honey 400ML

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Saffron Tawari Honey is very unique, some background info on the Tawari trees. It grows in beautiful remote native bush at high elevations between northland and Gisborne. Our honey is sourced from a local company who has hives in the Matawai & Motu area, these are some of the best Tawari Forests in New Zealand. The Tawari tree has clusters of beautiful big white flowers that produce heaps of nectar for the Bees. Maori used to use the flowers for necklaces etc for special occasions. 

 And last but not least!!! it is infused with Ziggy Ardor Saffron to give it a beautiful delicate flavour with lasting Saffron notes.

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