Happy Head Natural Supplement

It is with great pleasure I share with you the arrival of "Happy Head"
This is a Saffron based supplement formulated to support people who suffer from symptoms commonly associated with depression and anxiety.

Happy Head can be used as a natural antidepressant alternative. It's ingredients are all natural, and contains no fillers or preservatives. This product was specifically designed to support

  • immune health
  • balanced mood
  • bodies response to stress
  • overall wellbeing
  • healthy thinking
  • sleep


Client Testimonial

“ Happy Head is going great for me, i’ve been taking it for the last 2 months.  I have a lot more energy and a clearer head, I feel like i'm not as stressed at work. I definitely notice when I forget to take it in the morning.
The other main reason I started taking Happy Head was to help with my narcolepsy (sleep disorder) and tiredness/ sleep attacks, I’m on prescribed medication to keep me up during the day. I didn’t like how the medication was going as I had to keep increasing my daily dose to stay awake.
Now I take 1 Happy Head capsule in the morning and I’ve been able to cut back my prescribed medication by more than 50% a day. 
I plan on taking Happy Head for years to come”


 Happy Head is only available at DD Ardor Bioceuticals This is the sister company to Ziggy Ardor.

DD Ardor was created to be the home for the bioceutical side of Ziggy Ardor. All the supplements you will find at DD Ardor are made with natural ingredients and backed by science. We believe that nature has a lot to offer us and we want to prove it to you with science.

We feel it is important to share the trial data with you, not only for your own personal knowledge but so you could also share it with friends and family who may be interested in it. Sometimes it's tricky to find this data online so we have collected it up for you, simplified it and put it all in one place. We have also shared the links to the actual trial information for those who want to view it. 


Over at DD Ardor you will also find a "Toolbox" 
 We have created the toolbox because we understand everyone is different and we all need help in different area's of our lives. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming to know where to start, so we thought we would try and help out by narrowing down your search. The apps and books available in the toolbox are just a starting point to help get you on your way. We intend to update the toolbox regularly as we find things we believe may be helpful. 

The Toolbox contains info and apps on the following: books- nutrition for mental health, Selfcare apps, Fitness apps, NZ depression and anxiety websites available, meditation apps and healthy meal providers.

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