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Haley has spent the past 6 years in the horticulture industry as a Horticulture Technical Advisor for Farmlands and now as an Agronomist/ Production Manager for Corson Maize Seed and owner/ grower/ consultant for Ziggy Ardor. The experience Haley has had with numerous varieties of crops both indoor and out has been one of the key inspirations for her outside the box thinking and innovative techniques.

She has a passion for unique crops, always looking for interesting medium - high value crops and more efficient ways to grow them. Haley enjoys soil science and working specifically with individual locations taking into account micro climates when she is researching and selecting crops.  

Sustainable farming is a soft spot for Haley, she believes It is the way forward and practises sustainable techniques on her own land. Encouraging humble relationships between animals, plants, insects, organisms and their environment.

With a genuine want to help people achieve their goals, excellent customer service and her cheerful attitude, working with Haley is fun and informative. 


Do you have a small - medium block you would like assistances with to research and  develop a new crop that suits your climate and soil type? weather it be a unique or traditional crop Haley is available to work with you and your ideas from crop selection right through to naming, branding and marketing your own product.    

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