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Seasonal Gardening Book Review!!

There are soooo many gardening books out there to choose from, how could any body decide which one to pick???

Different styles of gardening, different book layouts, some with diagrams and some without, It can be a bit tricky to choose one especially when buying online. 

So to help out with choosing a book I do seasonal book reviews on Gardening mainly focused on edible gardens, fruit & veg type books. 

My goal is to get more people learning about food, where it comes from, how it grows, how to care for them and when to harvest them. 



A lot of people don't realize that the food you will find in the supermarkets in NZ are not our highest quality fruit and veg. The bulk of our highest grade food is export quality and we don't even get to enjoy it. Whilst what we do get to eat is still very good quality there is still a problem......

The fruit in our supermarket looks amazing!! uniform shape, colour, size, no imperfections..... but what happens to the rest of the fruit that isn't so perfect to look at??? 

It's still edible, it still tastes the same so why doesn't it make it to the supermarket?

Well the answer is Marketing...... apparently people only eat with their eyes....... so all the imperfect fruit and veg has to be sold or utilized in other ways if possible. Unfortunately not all of it can be utilized due to contracts growers have with supermarkets and a fare amount gets dumped.  

SOOOO lets grow our own and learn more about plants, their symbiosis with the soil and lets eat that ugly fruit and veg.



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