2019 Harvest

We are currently in the middle of our 2019 harvest and it's going great!!


The frosty mornings in Tolaga Bay are just what we want, The corms are pumping out big healthy flowers every morning. I have had a good friend of mine picking for me this season as I have been busy harvesting Seed in town every day. I truly have missed picking flowers in the mornings but it has been a huge relief to have help! 

This morning is the first this season that I have been able to pick myself! and I absolutely loved it. Listening to the birds around me whilst smelling the beautiful fragrance of Saffron, watching the little bees buzz by on their way to the next flower, watching my dogs frolic and play in the autumn clover and lastly the warm sun on my skin coming through the mist. 

Autumn really is my favourite time of year


Meet Ice & Lola 

The property is starting to look a lot more respectful now..... when I first purchased it the grass and weeds were as tall as the fence, completely overgrown with lots of bind weed around the property and strangling trees. So I borrowed the neighbours cows to tidy up the paddocks!

They have done a great job so far. once the cows left I got the paddock mowed and now all the lovely grasses and clover is coming back strong. 

Next on the list is to prune all the trees over winter while they're dormant. Currently on the block there are

and a few other bits and pieces......





there is still a lot of work to do before it's the property I in visage but it's definitely got the foundations to become it. 

Watch this space.........



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